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Should the folder name in localhost be a new name, in order not to cause confusion?

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Thanks a bunch! Hello, I have an existing website working on mamp am trying to create another one am stuck on the part where i have to root the document as my existing wordpress is there already. Please check your MAMP installation and configuration. Tried both MAMP 4. Any thoughts? Clear step by step instructions were just what I needed, thanks a lot! Thank you so much! When I open web start page the phpMyAdmin is grey, not a link. Any ideas why or where I went wrong. I had one problem.

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My solution. No problems after that. I sort of knew this as a note…the 5 minute install did not happen as I already had the WordPress structure installed but the new WP site has none of the old flotsam and jetsam so I believe I am clear! Wow, what good work, Laurence — all the details are covered!! Worked the first time! Thanks Laurence! Got me up and running.

Very easy to follow and work through. You sure did crush this skill. This was so much easier to follow than the instructions on the codex wordpress site! I just wanted to say Thank You! Out of the blue I found I needed to do that again and was lucky enough to happen on your great tutorial. It made the process so very easy. That was super easy to follow, thank you!

Download WordPress for Mac - free - latest version

I think it would have been great to have a second section to show how to move WP from your local server to your live site, but found some other good articles to complement that part. Agree wholeheartedly. Can you share those articles that help with uploading from local to live? I cannot thank you enough for this tutorial!!

It was the 3rd one I tried to install WordPress locally and the only one that I could get to work. This was really helpful! I would love to see a tutorial on how to do this. This is one of the best tutorials I have had the pleasure of following! Thank you so much for creating it! It is really well done, gives just the right amount of detail and the screenshots gives you confidence you are doing things right along the way.

Got up and running in not even a half-hour. Many thanks! Very first time i have found any guideline so positive otherwise they never work. Thanks for giving such a wonderful explanation and user experience. Skill Crush Rocks: Thank God for your site! I was going back and forth with our web host the WordPress site and not getting very far. Your excellent instructions made everything so very simple. Thank you!!! I am not a computer friendly, but I have to say that following your instructions was super easy!

Thank you so much for sharing it! That is until, I tried to open localhost: Error establishing a database connection. I tried localhost: Any other suggestions? I had the same problem, solved it by deleting an older version of MAMP I had previously installed, and doing a fresh install. Basically I had another database installed that was confusing the system.

Turn off MAMP and then go to preferences and web server and search for the correct folder again. That should make everything work when you turn it back on again. Does that occupy the same port on the local host? Still facing the same issue at step Followed all the instructions here, nothing helps. Can it be a browser issue using Firefox? Or any other suggestions? Yes, step 10 seems to be screwing up people in the last few weeks. I just did a OS update to I have no idea, but Step 10 is not working out.

I had the same problem and happened to find a solution that worked for me. Then I managed to get the 5 min install page. This was excellent, thanks. Do you know how to reset the password if you forgot it? I did this MAMP thing few times but this manual is best so far. I will turn to this from now on. Hey, like Annika said here, I am also missing good tutorial about making local WordPress site live? OMG Laurence you totally saved my life with this incredibly brilliant and life saving instructional.

Thank you so much!! I tried to do it 20 times with other walk throughs, but yours was brilliant and so succinct. Thank you so much again!! Thank you SO much!!! I have gone to so many sites trying to learn this information but you have literally saved my sanity. I put off doing this because all directions I found always had something missing — your instructions were perfect! Good steps here. I purchased a domain and wish to hook wordpress. I wonder how I can do this.

I use Bluehost for all my WP hosting! See here: Hi this is the most common error and it happens often see other comments. No one size fits all answer to why it is happening but…. Here are some suggested forum posts: One thing that I know worked for some people was uninstalling it and reinstalling it.

So they have people who can help. This worked great for me. Is there a tutorial on how to put the new site back up on a host like GoDaddy? Not sure if this helps but this plugin is good for migrating from local to live sites: Hi, I followed all the steps, but still can not install wordpress. Thank you for a great turtorial, it is working perfectly! Only problem I have is that I am already set up with a website online, do you know how I can connect it to the offline page?

I am a little confused by what you mean but I think you mean how to get the live site locally…. There are plugins that make this easy to do, but they are expensive. You can also do it manually. Be careful though — if you accidentally delete the live DB that will be no good! Whole live site will be gone.

How to Install WordPress on Your Mac

Yes I guess that is what I mean. I already have a domain name in Joomla, but I want to start all over and create a new website in WordPress with that same domain name. Thanks for the great tutorial: Carry on the fantastic function! You are aware of, many men and women are searching rounded just for this information, you may encourage them to greatly.

Hey David — awesome! Glad you found it useful and were able to get through it! Brilliant tutorial! You make it seem so easy. One question: If you have written, or can write, a tutorial for that it would be fantastic. Which is a little more complex but I am sure there are tutorials on it online: Hi there, Installing WordPress on a website has become so easy by reading this.

One of the best articles I have ever read. Thanks for sharing your professional experience. Thank you for your tutorial! I keep having issues at the enter in the localhost: I was having the same problem. I skipped step 9 and did not rename the config file. I spent hours and kept getting error messages. Kept thinking I was screwing up. Now I wonder… Some readers say they followed the instructions and they worked. Not so in my case. This worked for me.

Thanks Bill. I had been following along another step by step guide that kept leading me to dead ends. Your guide was incredibly easy to follow and made the whole thing painless. Thanks again! I was honestly going to just trash the whole idea, but thanks to these unique, clear and consistent user friendly instructions, I installed and both MAMP and WordPress successfully, hallelujah!

Thank you, thank you!! This was amazing! Thank you!! Thanks for this! Did the site work, though? For her, MAMP did open to the start page. So the servers did start regardless of the error. I had the same problem and managed to solve it by closing MAMP and opening it again. Simple as that. Just go to the port settings in the MAMP preferences and change the port number to anything you like ie Thanks for the detailed walk through.

Any suggestions on where I may have gone wrong? And not the folder name where WP is installed. Thank you so much for this post! I already had MAMP installed, but wanted to set it up properly for a new site. This was just what I needed. Thank you SO SO much for this post. I like to think that this is in response to an email I sent last week: This is a great help.

Which should point here: Awesome post! Many many thanks for sharing. Your email address will not be published. Wilson Nowakowski Replied 2 days ago. Pepper Replied 5 days ago. Dude, awesome stuff… You made it freaking simple… Cheers: Dreamer Replied 7 days ago. Mark Replied 2 weeks ago. Monica Replied 2 weeks ago. Ekta Patel Replied 3 weeks ago. Staci Jc Replied 3 weeks ago. Anji Replied 3 weeks ago. Very helpful! I was able to get set up. Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Michael Milauskas Replied 4 weeks ago.

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It works now. Stacey Parker Replied 2 years ago. Hakeem of CaydenAve Replied 2 years ago. This was perfect! Thanks so much for all the useful information! Rammy Replied 2 years ago. Thank you so much for the clear and step-by-step explanation. It worked for me. Sean Foley Replied 2 years ago. Shiza Replied 2 years ago.

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Michael Sherry Replied 2 years ago. Frederic Bouchard Replied 2 years ago. Sam Jean Replied 2 years ago. SO helpful after struggling on a few other websites. Matt from Digital Shift Replied 2 years ago. Next, click over to "Ports. If you use this configuration, you shouldn't get asked for your password, but you'd need to include the port number in the URL localhost: If you'd like to leave the port number out of the URL, change the Apache port to The downside of using port 80 as your MAMP Apache port is that you'll always be asked for your password.

Lastly, on the Web Server tab, you'll need to set a document root. This is where all of your files are going to be for your local web server. Your MAMP servers have now been started. Once that's open, select phpMyAdmin from the webpage. Under "Create new database", enter in a database name such as "wordpress", and press "Create.

Now it's time to download WordPress. Once you've downloaded and unzipped the WordPress download, open up the "wordpress" folder. Then in the browser, go to localhost: For example, in the default MAMP install, if the folder was renamed wordpresstest, go to localhost: