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However, there are no colors there.


Just one that says "normal". How can I choose which layer color to print as what color if I have nothing to choose from? It should be the same for Mac.

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This is a pretty basic legacy function in AutoCad, so I can't imagine them changing it just for the Mac. If it does not work, or does not have the same command s , hit F1 and search for stb. Something there will be helpful. I noticed your plot style is unnamed. Plot styles ending in the. You probably will have to convert the drawing you are using, to work with color dependent plot styles, those that end in. Color dependent plot styles can react to the incoming object color, and plot different colors and line weights instead of the incoming properties.

Once you convert the drawing you will see the. Do not permanently change the plot styles that come with AutoCad, Save As I suggest starting with acad. See previous posting. That feature will probably be added in the next major release….

Add-a-Plot-Style-Table Wizard

At least I hope it is. Update 1: In Autocad for Mac there should now be a plot style manager. If anyone knows more about it, please share! Update 2: See this post. No need for an annoying workaround unless you are still using the version…. Thanks for your clarifications about this big issue. One sadly solution: Yes, either resort back to the windows version to create the plot styles needed, or the free CAD software DraftSight for Mac I found in the workaround.

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Works either way. Did you update autoCAD for mac by the way? Just wondering if it worked for you, or became horribly unstable as it did with me? I also had that problem when updating AutoCad for Mac, it was very unstable and i had to uninstall it. I wonder why Autodesk leaved out the Plot style feature since its basic for doing a good job….

The default setting for plot style color is Use Object Color. If you assign a plot style color, the color overrides the object's color at plot time.

To Assign a Plot Style Table to a Layout | AutoCAD for Mac | Autodesk Knowledge Network

The color you specify is displayed in the plot style color list as Custom Color. If the plot device does not support the color you specify, it plots the nearest available color or, in the case of monochrome devices, black. Enables dithering. If the plotter does not support dithering, the dithering setting is ignored. Dithering is usually turned off in order to avoid false line typing that results from dithering of thin vectors.

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Turning off dithering also makes dim colors more visible. When you turn off dithering, the program maps colors to the nearest color, resulting in a smaller range of colors when plotting. Converts the object's colors to grayscale if the plotter supports grayscale. Dithering is available whether you use the object's color or assign a plot style color. Specifies a color intensity setting that determines the amount of ink placed on the paper while plotting. Selecting 0 reduces the color to white. Selecting displays the color at its full intensity. The Dithering option must be selected for screening.

Displays a list with a sample and a description of each linetype. If you assign a plot style linetype, the linetype overrides the object's linetype at plot time. Adjusts the scale of the linetype to complete the linetype pattern. If you do not select Adaptive, the line might end in the middle of a pattern. Turn off Adaptive if linetype scale is important. Turn on Adaptive if complete linetype patterns are more important than correct linetype scaling. Displays a sample of the lineweight as well as its numeric value. You can specify the numeric value of each lineweight in millimeters.

If you assign a plot style lineweight, the lineweight overrides the object's lineweight when it is plotted. Modifies the widths values of existing lineweights. Displays the Edit Lineweights dialog box. There are 28 lineweights available to apply to plot styles in plot style tables.

If the lineweight you need does not exist in the list of lineweights stored in the plot style table, you can edit an existing lineweight. You cannot add or delete lineweights from the list in the plot style table. If you assign a line end style, the line end style overrides the object's line end style at plot time. If you assign a line join style, the line join style overrides the object's line join style at plot time.

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If you assign a fill style, the fill style overrides the object's fill style at plot time.